The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in email marketing offers opportunities to enhance campaign personalization and effectiveness. AI enables the creation of personalized emails based on user behavior, list segmentation, and improved open and conversion rates. Additionally, AI facilitates email text generation, timely scheduling, and personalized email retargeting. It also aids in evaluating email campaign performance through data analysis.

The widespread use of artificial intelligence (AI) provides organizations using email marketing to engage with their audience with more opportunities than ever to improve their email campaigns and boost customer engagement.

Only a small percentage of email marketing professionals are currently harnessing the numerous applications of AI, despite its potential to revolutionize email marketing.

Don't worry, we'll keep you informed. The benefits of artificial intelligence in email marketing, as well as its crucial uses for enhancing your campaigns, will be covered in this article.

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What Does Artificial Intelligence in Email Marketing Mean?

Chances are, you already understand what artificial intelligence in email marketing involves if you've ever sent a series of automated messages based on your audience's activities. You've likely used AI in one form or another, even if you weren't aware of it. In our area of interest, these ubiquitous technologies can help you create more effective email marketing campaigns that generate higher levels of engagement.

Think of a customer who is interested in learning more about your products and has subscribed to your email list, versus someone who is ready to make a purchase. AI allows you to automatically send email messages tailored to each subscriber's stage in the buying process. AI enables a wide range of email marketing-related operations at scale, including improving deliverability and composing email text and subject lines.

The technology available today has the potential to change how we approach email marketing. Innovative companies are developing email campaigns that combine marketing professionals with high-tech applications.

5 Benefits You Can Get Using AI

You can benefit from the following advantages when using AI in your email marketing:

Personalized and Relevant Communications

Personalization is essential for email marketing. In other words, you want to send subscribers accurate and timely messages that are relevant and well-targeted. By using AI's predictive analysis, you can discover customer preferences and use that information to create communications.

This is how Netflix and Amazon recommend TV shows and products, respectively. Ultimately, one of the best marketing strategies is to collect a set of data that allows you to direct customers to highly relevant products. Email marketing professionals can use AI to personalize content such as news updates, product recommendations, and email bodies.

AI can also be used to personalize the subject lines of your cold emails, which will increase open rates and improve response rates. A perfect subject line can make the difference between the success and failure of a campaign since it's the first thing recipients see.

Increased Revenue

AI-based email marketing solutions reduce advertising costs and make it easier to create effective campaigns.

AI solutions like Optimail have the ability to monitor subscriber behavior to offer hyper-personalization. Similarly, a program like Drift Email has the ability to examine and respond to subscriber email responses.

Using these and other tools, you can create effective campaigns more quickly and efficiently by understanding your target audience and boosting open and click-through rates, which in turn generates higher revenue and conversions.

Product Customization

Personalization is a powerful tool to motivate people to act in today's society. Email formats are comparable. In other words, most subscribers generally only read and click on an email they perceive as personal.

Fortunately, AI has the ability to assess and predict human behavior to the extent of understanding your customer's goals. As a result, marketing professionals can tailor emails to the recipient's interests. This, in turn, increases email effectiveness.

Today, you can access a variety of product customization capabilities through email marketing that uses artificial intelligence. It's about identifying potential customers based on their previous purchases, location, and other variables.

Imagine a customer who visits your website, looks at one of your popular hoodies, and leaves without making a purchase. As you know the products the customer has already viewed, you can offer personalized suggestions when they are in the cart abandonment funnel.

Think it's too much work? It's not. When AI is used, these procedures happen automatically.

Increased Customer Retention Rates

AI can help you communicate with your customers more effectively than in the past. Remember, retaining a current customer is much easier and less expensive than acquiring a new one.

To maximize retention, you should use AI to schedule your email communications so that your customers receive them regularly and ensure that the content is relevant.

An email with the subject "Long Time No See" is an example. "Come visit us!" is less personal and is likely to be overlooked by your subscriber. Compare it to the following message:

Hello, John. We wanted to make sure you're aware of our latest offer because it's been a while since you've heard from us. You've been buying motorcycle parts, and a new model is currently 20% off! Visit us to have a look for yourself.

This is an example of a message that fulfills a need and encourages the customer to return.

Streamlined Marketing Approach

You can improve and focus your marketing efforts by using artificial intelligence in your email marketing. With this method, you will increase the performance of your marketing expenses.

AI's deep learning, for example, makes it possible for computers and other systems to accurately recognize user behavior.

With email marketing, your systems can more accurately identify recipient segments with a higher likelihood of becoming customers. As a result, you can save time and other resources by focusing your marketing efforts on more likely prospects.

9 Uses of AI That Can Boost Your Email Marketing

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Email Personalization

Personalizing your emails is essential if you want to get marketing results. In fact, according to 72% of consumers, they will only engage with companies that use personalized messages.

You've probably received a personalized email. From emails that use your name to greet you ("Hello, John!") to those that remind you of an item in your abandoned shopping cart in an online store, email personalization makes companies stand out.

The future of email marketing lies in real-time behavioral personalization, and AI systems can collect customer data to allow you to create highly personalized emails. With the right data, artificial intelligence (AI) can assess customer behavior and effectively improve your email correspondence.

In addition, one method to prevent spam is email personalization.

Email marketing professionals can ensure their communications are relevant, engaging, and satisfying to their target audience using AI to personalize their campaigns.

List Segmentation

List segmentation has long been a tool used by marketing professionals to communicate with consumers. Statistical data indicates that segmented marketing activities produce 14.31% more opens and nearly 100% more clicks compared to non-segmented campaigns.

However, segmentation is time-consuming and prone to human errors. Instead of classifying lists solely based on age or location, marketers can now use artificial intelligence (AI) to segment lists based on more precise information, such as a customer's purchase history and preferences.

Now, marketers can send more personalized emails, which increases open rates and important conversions. To monitor campaign changes in real-time, you should also incorporate marketing project management software.

Creating and Evaluating Attention-Grabbing Headlines

You can increase the likelihood that your subscribers will open your email campaigns by personalizing them and using AI to evaluate large volumes of consumer data.

Creating an attention-grabbing subject line is one way to do this, especially if you use email broadcasting software. Unfortunately, writing an attention-grabbing subject line can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. Fortunately, AI tools make the process easier.

For example, you can get tips to improve the tone, structure, and mood of your subject lines using a tool like Tone Analyzer or Google Cloud Natural Language.

AI-based technology can also help you create email subject lines that increase your open rates, such as an AI writer or AI copywriting software.

AI-based writing tools can help you not only write better email subject lines but also produce engaging email content that appeals to your readers. Using these tools, you can assess who your target audience is and recommend language and tone that they find appealing. To increase readability and engagement, they can also help you optimize the length, structure, and design of your emails.

Recognizing Customer Cycles and Behavior

One of the most useful features of AI for email marketing professionals is the wealth of data it can provide about customers.

AI tracks potential customers' activities to determine where they spend most of their time, what they really want, and which goods and services they are most likely to buy. With the information provided by this data, each of your emails is personalized to the maximum based on your consumers' interests.

Think of one of your most loyal customers who enters your online store. They don't make a purchase because the item they usually buy is not available.

While automated emails can only inform recipients when certain things are restocked, using artificial intelligence guarantees that you send personalized emails that show your appreciation and knowledge of your customers.

Automatically Writing Texts

The best web marketing tools make your job easier. Similarly, you can have content created for you automatically by an AI writing tool. This could mean producing new material or refining previously created content.

AI-powered writing tools help you save time and money by automating repetitive tasks and eliminating errors. They also reduce the risk of losing readers due to poor writing.

Additionally, you can use these tools to quickly and effectively write high-quality email content.

It's no wonder that many organizations today use AI-powered writing tools to do most of the work, as doing it manually takes a lot of time and money. AI writing tools like Copymatic, Copy.AI, Persado, and others can help you create concise and captivating email texts.

Improved Timing

The ability to use AI tools to determine the ideal time to send emails to individual subscribers is another advantage of integrating them into your email marketing plan.

People have different habits; for example, although many studies have indicated that users are more likely to open emails that arrive in their inbox during the day than those that arrive at night. Therefore, there is no single ideal method for email delivery times.

Therefore, it is essential to schedule emails at the right times to reach your target audience, regardless of recipients' location or time zones. Fortunately, AI can help you do this. To determine when customers most frequently check their inboxes, email delivery time optimization examines historical data. Some customers may want to check their emails before breakfast, while others may prefer to do so during their lunch breaks.

AI-powered solutions can help you efficiently schedule emails to be sent to each user at the right time. When email service providers see that a large number of recipients are interacting with your content, email deliverability improves. This ensures that the emails they send you don't end up in spam.

Personalized Email Retargeting

AI helps you refine your email retargeting strategy by recognizing different customers and sending them resonating communications. Some customers may read your email and decide to buy a product right away, but others may wait a few days to make a purchase. AI can help retarget emails at the most profitable times. It can also include algorithmically selected products in your remarketing emails to increase your sales value.

Early Email Engagement

You can use AI's early engagement feature to select recipients who are most likely to engage with your emails and incorporate it into your email campaigns. These emails will be sent last to users with low engagement rates.

Since users who receive your emails are the first to open and interact with them, predictive email engagement not only ensures that your emails receive the high level of engagement they deserve but can also improve your deliverability rankings and open rates.

Studying Performance Data

In the end, executing and launching email marketing haphazardly is insufficient. Moreover, you must be able to track your achievements and areas for improvement. Another area where AI technology excels is in this regard.

There's just too much data to sort through, which poses a significant challenge for the marketing sector as a whole when it comes to performance data analysis. Internet users worldwide generate an immense amount of data every day. These numbers are beyond human comprehension. Fortunately, AI doesn't have these limitations. What's more, it can emulate our actions.

Artificial intelligence techniques can mimic human cognition. They can 'learn' to detect patterns, examine data, and draw conclusions. As a result, you won't have to deal with a mountain of data to track and analyze the results of your email marketing campaign using AI.


In conclusion, artificial intelligence is transforming the world of email marketing by offering several significant advantages. From message personalization and audience segmentation to improved open and conversion rates, AI has become a powerful tool for marketing professionals. Furthermore, automated content writing, strategic scheduling of emails, and efficient data tracking and analysis capabilities are key features that drive the success of email campaigns. Ultimately, artificial intelligence not only optimizes customer engagement but also saves time and resources, making it an essential tool in the world of digital marketing.


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