The article focuses on improving click-through rates in email marketing campaigns. It provides three key recommendations: understanding what constitutes an effective click-through rate, customizing the preview text to encourage clicks, and limiting calls to action to one to keep the message clear and direct. Additionally, it highlights the importance of maintaining a clean and updated email list for continued success in email marketing.

Email marketing is undoubtedly crucial for the success of any business. An effective email marketing plan is a necessity in the modern marketing landscape.

You may have started like many new digital marketers. You read about do's and don'ts in email marketing and did a little research on how to use it more successfully. From there, you created your first email campaign and sent it to your recipient list en masse.

Setting an action plan is an essential first step. However, if you want to compete successfully with other companies in your industry or specialty, you need to perfect what you're doing.

Increasing the Percentage of Clicks in Emails: A Quick Guide

You may already know the best practices to improve email open rates and the likelihood of reaching your consumers' inboxes.

However, what you really want is for your customers to click on the links you've included once they've opened your emails, right?

So, while increasing the open rate is crucial, improving the click-through rate is equally important for the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives.

Here's a list of our top three suggestions to improve the click-through rate. Want to learn more? Keep reading.

Recognize the Characteristics of a Successful Click-Through Rate

We understand that you'd prefer a 100% click-through rate. We'd all like that, wouldn't we? Unfortunately, it's not quite realistic.

However, to increase your current rate, it's crucial to understand what an average rate actually is. Why? Well, it's hard to set realistic goals if you don't know what's "normal." Once you've established a baseline, you can start progressing toward increasing your current rate.

According to a recent survey by MailChimp, click-through rates can vary slightly by industry and range between 1.25% and 5.13%. It's advisable to use the link above to compare your email with others in your specific business. Let's now increase that number.

But, as a general guideline, 3% is a reasonable starting point. If your click-through rates are already around that level, your performance is likely comparable to others in your industry.

Use Preview Text.

The Radicati organization recently conducted a survey and found that the typical email user receives up to 88 messages a day. Think about this: your customers' inboxes contain about 100 emails, and you're competing for that space. Unfortunately, that number is expected to increase dramatically in the coming years.

Your open rate can increase with the help of a strong subject line. Potential customers are less likely to click on the links you've included if they don't instantly know what the message is about.

Why? Because they're likely to hit the "Back" button before reaching the link due to lack of interest.

Customizing the preview text of your email is a powerful strategy to encourage the user to scroll down and click on your link. Before clicking on a message, this text is displayed in their inbox after (or sometimes below) the subject line. It can usually be customized using email marketing tools.

Customers will know what to expect when they open the email if you give them a preview of the promotion inside. When people find that offer, they are also more inclined to click on it.

Limit Your Call to Action to One.

Have you ever received an email that's a bit... well... cluttered?

You start reading and think you're following the message's subject. You briefly hover over the link before clicking on it. However, you see that there are more links below, and they have nothing to do with each other. In fact, the email's content changes just below the first link you were about to click on.

You keep reading, and before you know it, the initial call to action has been forgotten. You give the message one more minute before deciding it's too much and close it entirely.

Novice email marketers often make this mistake by including too many calls to action in a single message. This confuses potential customers and often leads to the situation described above.

Every day, people have to deal with dozens or even hundreds of emails like this. Instead of increasing the noise, eliminate it by being direct and concise. Create persuasive copy that directs your customers to a single and clear call to action.

A link to the same landing page should also appear more than once in the email, giving the consumer more than one opportunity to take advantage of the same promotion instead of being inundated with a plethora of competing promotions.

Your click-through rates will increase quickly if you set a benchmark, use email preview text, and focus on a single call to action.

Maintain a Clean Email List.

No matter how successful you are with these strategies, it's still crucial to ensure that your email list is accurate and up-to-date.

An outdated list with invalid addresses is a recipe for disaster. In addition to trying to increase your click-through rate, make sure to periodically cleanse your email list using a trusted email validation company. You'll be well on your way to email marketing success if you use the tactics mentioned above, among others.


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