A email verification tool is crucial for ensuring the legitimacy of email addresses on your list. It helps improve marketing campaign effectiveness by providing accurate email analysis, simplifying list maintenance by removing outdated addresses, and increasing deliverability by avoiding spam folders. Key features include bulk and instant verification, checking MX records and mailbox providers, and fast verification speed for quick and efficient list cleaning.

What is a tool for email verification?

The process of verifying an email address to determine its legitimacy is called email validation or verification. A legitimate email address, of course, has an actual person behind it, is linked to a legitimate email account, and is formatted appropriately.

Although you may attempt to verify your own contacts, manually verifying emails would take a lot of time and be unreliable. For this reason, the majority of senders make use of an automatic email validation service, such as Valid Email's Email Validations.

It's simple to distinguish genuine subscribers from phony contact details and invalid email addresses with the use of an email verification tool. Additionally, it can identify problems with email addresses before they are added to your list.

What makes using an email verification tool recommended?

You may be asking yourself why this is such a huge problem. Is there any real harm that a poor email address can do? Can the effectiveness and success of your marketing campaign be significantly impacted by the use of an email verification tool?

YES is the response to both of those queries. The following three arguments support the adoption of an email verification tool:

  1. Obtain precise email analytics
  2. Email addresses that are invalid will lower your metrics. This is a result of the nonexistent contacts refusing to open and interact with anything.

    Consequently, the performance of the campaign won't be evident to you. There will be a decrease in your open and click rates and an increase in your bounce rate.

  3. Make list maintenance simpler
  4. Email lists need to be cleaned at least once a year, much like a regular spring cleaning. Email accounts are abandoned by users. After graduating or changing careers, they update their contact details. Old, unused email addresses can occasionally become recycled spam traps; these should be deleted to prevent deliverability problems.

    It could be quite difficult to manually identify out-of-date or inactive contacts that need to be eliminated from a large subscriber list. However, an email verification tool speeds up and simplifies the process by automating the work.

  5. Boost deliverability while preserving your credibility
  6. Your email list will appear spammy if it becomes overloaded with bogus emails and out-of-date contact details. This is because spammers frequently utilize spam traps together with lists that contain outdated emails. Buying lists is no different.

    Mailbox providers will notice when your list is disorganized, and your reputation as an email sender will suffer. This implies that there's a chance your emails will end up in the garbage folder rather than the inbox.

    However, a clean email list made up of confirmed contacts who have granted permission to be contacted indicates that you are a trustworthy sender to mailbox providers. Having that trust increases your chances of landing on an inbox more frequently.

4 Key features of an email verification tool

If email validation is a service you require, there are a few key factors to take into account while selecting the appropriate instrument. The best features for email address verification are listed here.

  1. Verification of emails in bulk
  2. Make sure the email verification tool supports bulk verifications if you intend to utilize it for list cleansing. That essentially means you can request a report on the quality and validity of the email addresses in your contacts by uploading a CSV or spreadsheet.

    Online, there are a ton of "free" email verification programs available. You can often only check one email address at a time with these, though. We're inclined to assume that you won't want to use your complete list for that.

    You can use a statistically significant subset of your list to test our email verification service with Valid Email. If your email list is not performing well, this kind of test can help you identify it.

    (Incidentally, Valid Email also allows you to quickly validate a single email address.)

    Email verification tool, bulk verification

  3. Instantaneous email verification
  4. At the time of signup, the top email verification systems are able to verify addresses. A message stating that the email address given is invalid will be displayed to the person who fills out the form incorrectly or attempts to use a disposable or false email address.

    This entails preventing wasteful loss of new subscribers and leads. It also ensures that those who sincerely want to communicate with you won't be left in the dark as to why you never get back to them. Real-time email validation also assists you in keeping your list clean. There won't be as many contacts to remove from your list the next time you tidy up your contacts.

    In addition to the bulk email verifier, Valid Email's real-time verification API lets you validate emails as recipients input their details and verify a large list.

  5. Verification of MX records and mailbox providers
  6. Even though an email address seems authentic, how can you be sure that is a real, functioning account? An effective email validation tool will check the mailbox provider's MX record to confirm the address' existence.

    Cache send data is used by Valid Email's email verification tool to validate addresses. The failed SMTP handshake technique is used by many other services to verify emails. Cache-stored data, however, is far more dependable and speedier.

  7. Verification speed
  8. When someone is cleansing their email list or a prospective subscriber filling out a form, nobody wants to wait around impatiently for verification to take effect. For this reason, having a quick email verification tool is really helpful.

    Quick email verification at checkout can even make the difference between an order being completed and a cart being abandoned if you're an online business.


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