EMAIL MARKETING TECHNIQUES: 10 Skills To Improve In 2024


This blog highlights the key skills needed for success in email marketing and outlines the next steps to take.

  1. Writing Skills for emails
  2. Research Skills for understanding audience preferences
  3. Critical Thinking for data analysis and pattern recognition
  4. Customer Service Skills
  5. Ability to Work Under Pressure
  6. Consistent Effort
  7. Creativity in Campaign Execution
  8. Agile Decision-Making
  9. Focus on User Experience and Design
  10. Technical Skills in CSS and HTML for effective template creation

These competencies are essential for standing out in the competitive field of email marketing.

This article involves a set of procedures and tools for content production, list creation and delivery, tracking and segmentation to achieve email marketing success.

Essential email marketing skills

1. Writing Skills


If one of your goals is to convert readers into customers, a good start is to develop communication skills, blogging, creating independent spaces to establish a writing style and experimenting with different topics are ideal ways to develop and hone them. Online learning platforms such as Udemy, Skillshare and Coursera offer courses for beginners, which employers often appreciate.

2. Research Skills

Understanding what content resonates with your audience enhances email marketing. This complements writing skills, as in-depth research identifies the type of content needed in the future. Learn about your target market by reading their blogs, following them on social media, and subscribing to competitor newsletters. Continued trust-building comes from producing content based on learned preferences.

Research skills extend beyond the audience. Email marketers must study competitors, evaluate tools, work with data, and draw relevant conclusions. In the realm of email, content is just one piece of a complex puzzle.

3. Critical Thinking

Research and critical thinking go hand in hand. Critical thinking allows effective assimilation of information gathered during research, aiding in making informed decisions based on study outcomes. It helps recognize patterns in data from previous campaigns, projecting more accurate future results. Identifying patterns can accelerate email marketing growth in subsequent campaigns.

4. Customer Service Skills

If you've worked in customer service or retail, you already possess similar skills. Crafting email content requires a focus on how you address readers, ensuring they feel comfortable interacting with your company. Maintaining professionalism while being friendly and accommodating establishes stronger relationships with readers, making them more comfortable reaching out for customer support on product or service-related matters.

5. Ability To Work Under Pressure

Meeting deadlines is crucial in email marketing. Writing email content involves considering numerous factors, and it's easy to feel overwhelmed, especially with tight deadlines. Effective time management techniques are beneficial. Providing interesting and relevant email content without compromising quality is achievable with good time management, ensuring flexibility for any last-minute changes.

6. Consistent Effort

Daily hard work is indispensable for success in email marketing. While there may be days of low energy or inspiration, consistent effort is key. Significant achievements result from perseverance and commitment to the task at hand. Don't hesitate to dedicate extra hours if it helps you reach your goals faster.

7. Creativity in Campaign Execution

A common mistake of inexperienced marketers is realizing that not every element has to be perfect for an email campaign to succeed, often too late in a fast-paced environment. Email marketing involves conceptualizing ideas that make sense for your company and implementing them to benefit all parties. Figuring out what works best for your company may take time, but the effort pays off by saving time through understanding available resources.

8. Agile Decision-Making

Working on an email campaign requires marketers to make quick decisions, as there's rarely a second chance, especially if a campaign launches without prior testing. Quick thinking and composure in unexpected situations during a campaign are crucial for email marketers aiming for success. A strong problem-solving ability helps navigate any obstacles that arise during a campaign.

9. Focus on User Experience and Design

Customers might not articulate what they want from your content, but they'll let you know when they don't like it. Poorly designed or confusing content can lead to complete disengagement. Therefore, considering the design and color palette of your emails, ensuring consistency, and making them visually appealing and easy to read is fundamental to encourage people to revisit and engage with your emails.

10. Technical Skills in CSS and HTML

One of the most utilized digital marketing strategies is email marketing, also the most cost-effective means for businesses to connect with their target audience. According to a Campaign Monitor report, 91% of marketers use email marketing to engage with customers, but only 44% find it effective. This is often because businesses lack the necessary knowledge to create emails themselves. While external providers or agencies can help, understanding CSS and HTML is beneficial for creating your email templates. Learning these tools early can broaden your job opportunities as you progress in email marketing.


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